CS 377 GROUP COACHING w/ Cody/Bonita

Every presentation group in Prof Burton & Prof Swiatek’s lecture/discussion must meet Cody or Bonita to practice and receive feedback before your final, graded performance.

Click on any time slot to set up an appointment.


  • The whole group must be present (email Cody/Bonita if this is a problem)
    -You should set up coaching after you’ve gotten feedback from Prof Burton/Swiatek on any outlines or preliminary papers.
    -Coaching must occur at least 24 hours before your presentation…. no last minute coaching the day of your presentation.
    -Attending a coaching is not optional – this will be worth a percent of the whole presentation grade.
    -Coaching sessions take place in either Cody’s or Bonita’s office: you will be informed which after you make the appointment.
    -Time slots are 90 minutes, but it usually takes about 60 minutes.
    -You must have your PPT slides or handout at least 75% complete.

***If none of these times work, there is a case-by-case chance to meet during times outside .what is available. Please email for more info.

***If you sign up for a coaching at 6:30pm, please note that the SEO building will probably be locked, unless you are employed by the university and have ID card access. I recommend that the group or a member of the group arrive early and hang out in the lobby or the computer lab on the 12th floor. Email if there are problems with this.

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